Meet Our Special-Needs Parent of the Day: 2018 List

August 1st: Melissa Nicholson

Nominated by: Kristine Walsh, Kathy Lynn Keith, Belinda Armando, Patrick Walsh, Kim Mcquade, Pamela Jenkins, Heather, Belinda Armando, Stacey Locklear, Veyonna Saltzmann, Elizabeth Velez, Raeann Sparrow, Mary Lou Sheckells, Patrick Walsh, Betty, Debbi McMullen, Kathy Keith, Jeffrey Munyan, and Brittnay
Why she was nominated: (from Kim McQuade)
She takes care of 3 children,  1 with special needs. She works full time and goes to school to better their lives in the future. She is an inspiration to others always.

August 2nd: Tracy Baker

Nominated by: Tammy Dowell
Why she was nominated:
She is an amazing single mom of five children. Her youngest has special needs and she has handled herself with grace and strength and done an amazing job with all of her children, two of which are wonderful grown young men now. She was also able to go to nursing school while raising them on her own in order to provide for her family. Singleness was not in her plan, but she has handled it all beautifully. I believe she deserves the nomination and to be honored for the amazing Mom she is.

August 3rd: Jason & Joann Price

Nominated by: Lynn mcNaughton
Why they were nominated: Jason and Joann are amazing people. They have three adult children of there own and decided to take two young boys thru foster care and then adoption. They have one son, Jon who is an adult living with Autism. Jason and Joann are positively a wonderful advocate and support to Jon. They also have two eleven year old sons with adhd, anxiety,  amongst other challenges. They never give up! They are also actively involved in their church, and community. Jason and Joann deal with a lot in there daily lives but can always be counted on to help others. These two are an amazing couple, and even more amazing parents. These boys are lucky to have found such a great family to call their own!

August 4th: Kelly Reynolds

Nominated by: Arnesia Edwards
Why she was nominated: Kelly is a mom to 6 kids 4 being special needs. They were all adopted from another country. Kelly and her husband Ezra are AMAZING parents. Ezra makes different things to help assist other special needs kids. They deserve to be honored and rewarded!!